Testimonial Ozone Hospital

Continued, The past eleven days, after extensive (and outrageously inexpensive) testing to determine exactly where my body was yes, my entire body, not just an organ, a system, or a disease , my protocol has consisted of precise ecosystem boosting treatments. Immune, digestive,nervous and endocrine support has been a strong part of my bio-specific regime so far, and boy, do I feel it. Can you imagine what medicine would be like in the Western world if MOH centers were available everywhere? I can. Conventional western medicine would be bankrupt or completely converted to true medicine.
Modern conventional medicine would become the Edsel of medical history, and we would all have a good laugh after we grieved the loss of so many precious lives, so much happiness, and so much vibrant health. We would laugh away a history of suffering and pain. Yes, we would, and we would gratefully. How I wish that day were here already, for each and everyone of us. Each day I end my day thanking God/dess for the awesome staff at MOH, without whose dedication, love and vision, I know so many more would suffer incurable conditions and dis/eases. Hippocrates said: First Do No harm. MOH says: First Heal. As I look out the panoramic windows from my quiet bedroom (lovely housing is provided here as well) to the blue skies of this spectacular Malaysian day, listen to the doves coo, and the exotic Asian breeze caress the trees, I know soon my journey through breast cancer will be over. I am eternally grateful for this truth.


After more than 1500 days of the American medical community insisting the breast cancer in my body was either, severe, serious, lethal or terminal, recent comprehensive cancer markers tell a different story. After only a two weeks of treatment at the Malaysian Ozone Hospital, a number of cancer markers, (not only for breast cancer), are so low, so below any standard measure of cancer, one cannot help but wonder what cancer wonderland really is and why it entered my life five years ago.


Is it possible that had I been able to find the treatment modalities available here at MOH five years ago, I would’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, my Santa Fe home and many close, significant relationships? Highly probable. Is it possible that what my body told me time and again: less invasive, non-toxic and compassionate treatment was the only accurate treatment was accurate? Highly probable. Is it possible my initial and all following diagnoses were somehow incomplete or misleading? Highly probable. In fact, based on what the compassionate and authentic physicians believe here, I could’ve been cured long ago.
Can you imagine how different my life, the experience of cancer or any illness would’ve been? All anyone had to do was scientifically review what was happening in my body, what my medical history had been, and then scientifically address with the best non-invasive healing modalities available, not only breast cancer, but underlying immune-depilating pathogens that had allowed dis/ease to take hold in my body as early as 1993. And the design a treatment protocol that easily, quickly and most efficiently cleansed my body by the most natural means possible. Imagine medicine delivering a standard of care that eradicated disease instead of only treating symptoms! Imagine that this compassionate care, bio-specific to your body, your condition and your disease, was also covered by insurance, or even better yet free because the majority of treatment components where derived from Gaia! The good news is that MOH is a dramatic step in that direction.
MOH practiced true, scientific medicine and is delivering as bio-specific and natural healing as possible. I thank God/dess every moment of the day for my good fortune, and yet, I wonder still: why should true medicine be good fortune? True medicine and personal choice are our birthright.

As you know, in the last two years, regardless of life-affirming and beautiful protocols, stress had taken a devastating toll and I was able to only follow my protocols about 50%. Daily at MOH I was gifted detoxifying and cleansing and cellular and tissue repair support chosen specifically for my body, my condition, and my healing. Modalities included everything from stem cell treatment to monumental doses of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals in whatever form worked best for my body. As you know from my earlier post, these early weeks were not always effortless. Now beyond those trying moments, I can say thank you: they were NECESSARY.


Over the past ten days Ive graduated to the addition of medical ozone therapy in the form of RHP (Recirculatory Haemoperfusion) and an alkaloid anti-cancerous compound called Ukrain, neither of which are available in the United States or many countries for reasons only the Red Queen (Off with their breasts!) can tell you. RHP was chosen because it is the most effective medical ozone method to cleanse the blood. Frankly, my blood was too toxic and my pathogen load too high both probably from damage done to my body from mini-chemo almost five years ago and from the massive stress of the past two years! We could’nt kill cancer cells (tumor lysis releases toxins into the blood) with the substance chosen (which does show some indication of toxicity, but nothing MOH cannot address immediately) without first extensively cleaning my blood. Pristine blood supports your liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and other organs of toxin release. RHP is the highest grade medical ozone treatment available in the world today. Only highly trained medical professionals can administer RHP although its true beauty lay in its seeming simplicity. Many physicians who have been trained to administer RHP however can study years to understand its intricate yet simple beauty.


Unlike other forms of ozone use, RHP is a highly specialized technique of treating all of your blood with medical ozone. My blood (700 milliliters of blood only leaves the body at one time) is first drawn from a large caliber vein through the use of a medical pump. My blood then filters through a micro-filter which filters removes a whole plethora of unwanted nasties. My blood is then bathed in medical grade ozone at a concentration chosen specifically for my body, at a rate specifically chosen for my body. This newly refreshed and ozonated blood is re-perfused into my body. Painless, relaxing and ultimately massively detoxifying, the process can continue for up to three hours. Usually for me the treatment now takes about an hour. What is so beautiful and simple about this treatment is that you feel great while doing it because your body feels instantly the discharge of a colossal burden, and you feel even better after!

You cannot imagine how unburdened my body feels each time we do an RHP treatment. Think about this true wonderland treatment: during my treatment, repeated usually every seven days, filtered, purified and enriched blood is returned to my body, relieving and rebuilding my organs, and the rejuvenation process continues for up to six months!!! RHP is a wondrous medical ozone modality which reverses, or eliminates, chronic and acute illness, in a non-stressful manner, at a surprisingly low cost.

Thank God/dess for MOH and their compassionate commitment to each and every patient. On bad days, someone is always available to assist with food delivery or special anti-cancer food preparation, laundry, cleaning or simply to lend a kind and loving ear when your mind spins wildly out of control. On good days, with me, each and every staff member rejoices, because like me, they love to experience well-being, joy and health, principally in their clients! Think about the difference between MOHs approach (much like Hippocratesand other true physicians) and modern conventional medicine? Yes, think about that mountain-high, ocean-wide difference. There is a reason I traveled across the world, literally and figuratively, to access true healing.


While I wonder for us all, I find myself deeply grateful I have found medicine of integrity, purpose and compassion. Five years I waited. And the horrors I encountered along the way. Ahh, relief, release and renewal are finally here. I would like to recount a short story of an experience I had the other day. Because I was detoxing so heavily, I was prescribed my first RHP (Recirculatory Haemoperfusion ) session. As I complete more sessions I will address the process more intensively, but for now, I will make this as simple as the rodeo metaphor. Basically, your blood is removed from your body, very slowly, then cleansed with a specific concentration of ozone deemed medically safe and appropriate, then generously filtered to remove remaining junk and then returned to your body, cleansed of anerobic and other pathogens, and bursting with oxygen. Sounds amazing and simple. Sounds non-invasive and non-toxic. It is all that and more, if you have plumb, juicy veins and healthy, vibrantly red and oxygen-rich blood. Many of us, when were dis/eased, don’t have either the best veins or the best blood, unfortunately.


As I lay there, meditating on peaceful, happy, plump and healthy veins and blood, I wondered again. Looking at the dark blood ever so slowly flow through the tubing extended from my arm, I thought of how many times before my blood had been a resplendent cherry red, radiantly filled with vital oxygen, and so nourishing to my tissues, my organs, and my very being. I wondered again only a short time of being able to follow my program about 50%, if I was lucky, and my blood is again wrecked. I looked over to my other arm, the arm where the blood was returning, waiting for health.
Slowly but suddenly I saw my blood start to return to my body, bright red, vibrant, filled again with oxygen, strong and happy. Yes, happy. My blood was happy to carry oxygen robustly again. I wondered again how could my blood have become so polluted? I live on the ocean. I eat only organic, living and super foods mostly. I strive to live a lovely life. As I looked toward Vicki as she continued to wrangle my reluctant vein, she was smiling. She knew how I was beginning to feel like a trillion dollars. Maybe more. Together we smiled. My body had been unburdened of who knows what. Although I understand MOH does analyze the remains of RHP if you request an analysis. AK 2010