Ozone Therapy Benefits

A brief history of man will reveal that much of the bloodshed and wars did take a toll on our population. The many enmities between and among races and creeds brought nations and kingdoms to either great heights or great doom. Countless encounters are chronicled which highlight man’s demise and near extinction.

Another chapter in the almost sudden demise of man is noteworthy, not for the gore and hatred, but for the seemingly invisible invaders which gradually creep and silently slaughtered man. This micro invaders generated much mysticism and wonder among scientists and religionists that eventually led to man’s mad attempt to explain the unknown or blame Deity. With the emergence of modern science and medicine came the understanding of the alien-like microbes. This understanding led to seek for ways in controlling, killing, and containing these disease-causing microorganisms. The attempts went far and wide; every possible alternative and solutions have been located, studied, and tried to see which would be best. It was during this stage of seeking for remedy when one stumbled upon a compound known as Medical Ozone.


Ozone as Remedy

Ozone was first discovered in 1840 and was used primarily to disinfect operating rooms and to sterilize surgical instruments because ozone has a capacity to oxidize organic compounds. 16 years later, the use of ozone therapy was advocated as a form of alternative medicine but there was no scientific evidence supporting its use in the treatment of specific diseases. By the end of the 19th century, the use of ozone to disinfect drinking water from bacteria and viruses was well established in mainland Europe. In 1892, The Lancet published an article describing the administration of ozone for treatment of tuberculosis. In 1902 another article was published claiming success in treating chronic middle ear deafness with ozone. Ozone was used during the First World War to disinfect wounds. Currently, some medical professionals use ozone for a variety of conditions including dental conditions, cancer treatments, and AIDS. Medical ozone is administered orally in the form of ozonated drinking water with a high concentration of dissolved ozone. Countries such as Germany, Russia, and Cuba accept ozone as true and proven therapy for disease; and yet the United States does not.

There are a variety of ways to use and administer ozone or ozone-based medicine. It can be done: (1) rectally via catheter, (2) vaginally via catheter, (3) aurally (in ears) via a stethoscope, and (4) intravenously, either mixed with the patient’s blood, or injected directly.

Ozone has the property to disinfect surfaces and water if it is administered for at least two hours at a concentration of 1200 parts per million. It has been proposed as a treatment for AIDS as it does deactivate the viral particles inside the body, there is many benefits to living patients in viral load decrease and immune system enhancement to name a few.



Man will always look for opportunities to preserve and to continue his species. Whether it is by the use of religion, mysticism, or science, man is not afraid to try. Consequently, man will find some answers to his questions such as how to prevent aging or death. In his quest for answers, anything promising will do. In his attempt, nothing would be wasted. So is true in the case of the ozone therapy. There may be instances and situations which may offer man a glimpse of hope but the stakes may be high and the effects can be catastrophic to him. Medical science has proven its usefulness but man is still stretching the boundaries. The parameters are set yet he embarks on a chase which may cause him his life. This is man’s stand for the ozone therapy, something which needs more time, energy, and resources to prove that indeed it is medically necessary.