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“Ozone Therapy” is the organ that we need to clean the blood before it returns to the heart.


Before and After my Heart Attack


Before my heart attack


(1) I felt pain at the heart area occasionally and especially when I woke up in the morning.


(2) Occasionally I felt pain on the shoulder and neck. Had been under acupuncture treatment and Chinese medical treatment for nearly nine months without any improvement.

(3) My blood pressure was high and once it went up to 170/100 and after taking NORVARSC it dropped to maintain at 120/80 but at times it went up to 145/90.

(4) My fingers looked and felt swollen. Severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

(5) After urination, without warning I often leak urine to wet a small area of my underwear and pants.

(6) Strength weakened and shortness of breath.


Just after my Heart Attack while waiting operation to be performed by Cardiologist


(1) Pain in the neck & chest.


(2) Difficulty in breathing. Sweat heavily.


(3) Unable to walk because it causes pain on the chest and breathing difficulty.


(4) Heart pain resulted even by walking one step.


(5) Difficulty in falling asleep. Felt the fear of death.


After taking medicines prescribed by Cardiologist


(1) Pain still exist in the neck and chest.


(2) Still having difficulty in breathing.


(3) Unable to walk because it causes pain on the chest and breathing difficulty.


(4) Heart pain resulted in stress exercise.


(5) Severe headache and cannot sleep. Felt closer to God.


Cardiologist recommended to perform angiogram and insert stents. After browsing in the Internet I realized the insertion of stents will only stop the symptom of the heart attack and there is a danger of facing death during the operation. Furthermore during the operation my blood will not be cleansed. This made me decided to choose the Ozone Therapy.

After the first EBOO/RHP Treatment


(1) Neck pain, chest pain and headache all disappeared.


(2) Able to walk slowly for a short distance without pain.


(3) Felt awake the whole day and had a good and uninterrupted sleep.



During subsequent Ozone Therapy


(1) Neck pain and Chest pain becoming less and less.


(2) Blood pressure dropped to 110/60 even without taking NORVARC.


(3) Get educated on Diet and Food Supplement.


(4) Life Style changes.


(5) Blood tests showing improvement.


(6) Gaining strength and stamina.


(7) Urine leakage stopped.


(8) Able to walk further and further without pain and shortness of breath.



One and a half month after Ozone Therapy


(1) No more chest pain and neck pain.


(2) Heart pain disappeared.


(3) Blood pressure maintained at 110/60 without taking NORVARC.


(4) Normal ECG & Normal Echo. Exceeded second stage of the Cardiac Stress Test.


(5) Fingers no longer swollen and have becoming soft. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome reduced.


(6) Strength and stamina have increased beyond the days before my heart attack.


(7) Able to walk and run continuously nonstop for 4 km. once in the morning and once in the evening without chest pain and shortness of breath.


(8) Skin complexion becoming better, looks younger and full of energy.


(9) Weight lost by 6 kg.


(10) Memory improved.


(11) Achieved the second chance for a longer life.


After six months continuous Ozone Therapy


(1) My Blood Pressure maintains at normal levels, at around 110/70 without taking any blood pressure controlling pills.


(2) My lipid profile was being tested several times and all within normal readings.


(3) My Coronary Risk Studies done seven month after my heart attack by PATHLAB Malaysia indicates


Total Cholesterol 4.4 MMOL/L 1.04


LDL Cholesterol 2.5 MMOL/L <2.6


Triglycerides 1.4 MMOL/L <1.7


Total HDL Ratio 3.5 <5.0


Hs-C Reative Protein 1.8 MG/L <4.7


LP (a) 28 MG/DL <30


Homocysteine 9.2 UMOL/L 5.0 – 20.0


CPK (Total) 143 U/L 39 – 308


A scanned copy of the above report is shown below and this result was achieved without taking any drugs or medicine but just doing the Ozone Therapy, taking vitamins/supplements and a life style change.


(4) I lost a total of 10 Kg and I believe it is mainly due to the Ozone Therapy because I had been trying to reduce weight but failed. I almost lost all my belly fat, waist measurement reduces from 38.5 inches to current 35 inches.


(5) Friends who had not seen me for quite some times said I look younger at least by 15 years.


(6) I still maintained my 4 km walk and run exercise without any chest pain or short of breath therefore I had increased my social activities.


(7) I had also lost all the symptoms of heart failure, i.e. chest pain, heart pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, shortness of breath, high blood pressure and swollen fingers (due to inflammation). I no longer wet my underwear and pants, reduced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and have an improved memory.


(8) A late Echocardiogram Test has indicated that my Left Ventricle Mass Weight had reduced to 259 gm as compared to 359 gm taken few months ago. We should have a big heart but certainly not achieving it physically due to an inflammatory process or a heart failure.


(9) My wound recovered very quickly after a cut injury and I had never felt sick after my Ozone Therapy not even a slight flu.


I will continue on my Ozone Therapy for the rest of my life because lately I realized that all arteries deliver blood to all parts of our body and part of it is filtered in our liver and our kidneys but veins deliver blood to the heart without going through any organs. If the blood is not cleansed before returning to the heart you can imagine how dirty it is and what might be the consequence. I was lucky that I had a heart attack, if not I would have died of a stroke instead. You should know that the tiny arteries in the brain are much smaller than those covering the heart therefore I strongly believe that “Ozone Therapy” is the organ that we need to clean the blood before it returns to the heart. I need not elaborate because clean blood will definitely improve our health, reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

























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DOB : 05/11/84 Sex: Male JLN SUNGAI JATI KLANG   IC No.:

400162573 Age: 22 Years KLANG Collected: 08/08/07

Referred : 08/08/07 Your Ref. : Lab No. : 07-197   HIV RNA

Quantitative Viral Load by Real Time PCR  * HIV

Quantitative PCR : 102 copies/mL Limit of Detection(Sensitivity) of

this ASSAY is 50 copies/mL The test was done using Artus Kits for

Rotor Gene 2000/3000.(Corbett Research) Validated by Tai Yi Ai

(BSc (Hons) UPM)



















Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


I have been suffering from chronic fatigue related symptoms for twelve years.  My symptoms started with vertigo, difficulty maintaining sleep, decreased energy levels and grew into extreme lethargy, brain fog, leaky gut syndrome, food allergies with severe nasal congestion, non-refreshing sleep along with continued difficulty maintaining sleep.  During this time, I saw over 15 medical specialists, had nasal surgery, four sleep studies, seen several psychologists & psychiatrists, tried many medications, and was discarded as psychosomatic and just a tough nut to crack.

I then saw a chiropractor that finally diagnosed my condition and stated she had never seen a condition as advanced as mine.  This was at the tail end of seeing numerous MD specialists without any inkling of a diagnosis or improvement to my medical condition.  I was diagnosed as having systemic Candida, Epstein-barr virus, leaky-gut syndrome, identification of over ten food allergies using the Elisa-Act food intolerance test, and a suppressed immune system.

From this diagnosis, I began a nutritional supplement based recovery and bowel cleansing program and restricted my diet to avoid certain food groups.  Initial die-off symptoms were quite severe and some progress was made.  I maintained this program for two years with some but limited success.  I could tell that my body was not able to utilize the supplements that I was ingesting and was having difficulty detoxifying.

After reading many Candida, Epstein-barr, and chronic fatigue related books, I came across activated oxygen related therapies.  I read “Flood Your Body with Oxygen” and educated myself on the potential benefits of this type of therapy and decided to try it and move away from my stalled out supplement based therapy program.

I contacted Prof. Peter Jovanovic and immediately purchased an ozone generator and his consultation services.  My wife was also suffering with similar symptoms described above.  We began with his fasting protocol and then went directly into ear and anal insufflation.  After several weeks we could start to see some benefit of the ozone therapy.  We noticed slightly more energy and more regular stools.  Over then next several months of continuing the ear and anal insufflation in gradually increasing concentrations, we noticed increased energy, softening of the hands, and for the first time in nearly ten years soft hair again.  Before our hair was wirey and stiff but was now silky smooth and soft.  We also purchased a sauna and a rebounder which significantly improved our rate of detoxification.


Several months later, to further accelerate the recovery program, I started direct IV.  This was a more difficult protocol to perfect but soon became a part of my daily routine.  I initially had problems setting the needle but learned a few tricks and began injecting around 75ml once a day at a concentration of 27ug/ml.  I immediately began to experienced increasing rates of die-off and found it necessary to go into the sauna much more frequently.   I also found it necessary to rotate injection locations and to supplement with magnesium oratate.


It has now been seven months since I started Prof. Peter’s ozone protocol and am performing direct IV two times a day in the sauna to save time in amounts of 600-700ml at a concentration of 50ug/ml.  With this level of ozone intake, I can weekly experience the improving “peeling of the onion” effect of detoxifying my body.  I have much improved energy, less brain fog, much softer skin and hair, a much improved outlook on life, and less impact of food selections on my health.  I had several cysts on my body that have nearly disappeared completely.  I predict a wart on my right knee will be gone in another month.

The body has an incredible ability to store up toxins to keep the body going.  But I had definitely reached the limit over the twelve years since I first experienced some of the mentioned symptoms.  I feel the area of remaining concentration is my intestines and have been taking an ozone pill with each meal for several weeks now.  I made some ozone cream by bubbling ozone through virgin olive oil and put it into vegetable capsules and take it orally before each meal.  I tried two or three capsules right away and noticed severe die-off symptoms and was forced to come back down to one capsule per meal.

After suffering from chronic fatigue for over twelve years now, I know there is no quick fix solution.  But after trying the nutritional supplement based program for two years and then the ozone therapy program for six months, there is not comparison as to the rate of progress and the confidence in once again regaining my health.  I highly recommend Peter and his ozone therapy protocol and greatly  ppreciate his consultation through the whole process. He makes incredible time for his patients and is one of the most knowledgeable individuals on ozone therapy in the world.


Dohn P. Dec. 28/2005


Bruce Kemper

Seattle, WA




I have been very interested in Ozone Therapy since 1991, the year my partner died of Aids. In mid 1990, we were reading and studying about the amazing affects of ozone therapy. Back in 1990, it was difficult to get ozone practitioners to give treatment protocol and advice because of all the legal consequences. Many ozone pioneers have been thrown in jail since then and many clinics closed down. IT is only fairly recently that a few of the states in the Union are allowed to practice ozone as an alternative therapy.



My partner and I discovered a man in Victoria, British Columbia who had an ozone machine. His name was Joe Huska. At this time, my partner was very very ill and only weighed 89 lbs. I had to physically carry him to the car and take him into Victoria for his daily treatments. After only 3 treatments of ozone, Don’s mind shattering headaches and  earaches totally went away. I found out later that ozone has tremendous analgesic properties which is only one in a blizzard of healing properties that ozone possess.



About 6 months after my partner passed away was when I purchased an ozone machine myself. If ozone could do so much in such a short time then maybe it could work for me because I too was HIV positive. I was doing ozone intermittently, not really knowing exactly the length of time to do ozone, how long to each treatment, what is the correct oxygen flow rate? Correct use of antioxidants, diet  etc. It was very hard to get information because of liability  issues. I had frankly given up and was just doing the amount of treatments that I thought would be effective and they were to some extent but NOTHING like now.



 Lets speed up to April 9th, 2004. I was very concerned atÂ

my blood work results. My T-cells had dropped to 271 and  my viral load was 71,000. It was at this point that I realized  I have to start doing anti-retrovirals or do ozone. I started frantically searching the internet and was able to contact Leeda McCabe, she is the wife and partner of Ed McCabe who is an incredible journalist for the advancement of ozone awareness both medically, politically, and otherwise. Ed McCabe has written numerous books and his latest is “Flood Your Body with Oxygen”, I was much inspired by them and was looking for someone to guide me  in treatment. The magic day came when Leeda connected me to Peter Jovanovic “Professor Ozone” who has had about 20 years hands on experience in Kenya and India, Peter received much of his training by an early ozone prodigy, Basil Wainwright. I saw real live videos of the clinics there and the films of very ill East Indian people getting better and better from terminal diseases and leaving the hospital all well. How lucky for me to be connected to Peter Jovanovic in mid April 2004. The journey started.




I went up from Seattle Washington to Vancouver CanadaÂ

at the end of April to do a 3 day intensive course with Peter. My previous ozone use was basically ineffective because of just not doing it properly, that is the key and now for the good part, I started ozone therapy again on May 26th 2004 and when I had my blood work done on July 7th 2004, my viral load went from 290,000 to under 100,000 and that’s just the beginning of it. My chronic swollen lymph nodes have almost disappeared. The lymph nodes on both sides of my neck were hugely swollen; approximately 3” in girth and now are barely noticeable.



These swollen nodes have been a discomfort for me forÂ

over 7 years. Since they are almost gone it has actually changed my facial appearance. I was told I look much younger.



I have had a large amount of sinus and chest congestionÂ

for years and on and off sore throats. I would feel clogged up and talk raspy for days. I haven’t been congested for over 2 months since I started doing ozone. Also my daily sneezing fits have totally gone away. If I do get any congestion, it is brief and goes away easily. My vision has improved a great deal. I used to think I needed glasses. My  skin is lots more clear, radiant and soft with hardly any blemishes. I don’t need the naps that I used to. My sleep apnea has basically disappeared. I no longer use the machine and wake up very refreshed. Loosing the sleep apnea can also be contributed to my intentionally losing weight, however, since I started doing ozone ear insufflations, I breathe more easily from my nostrils than I have for years and years, when doing the ozone via the ear canal, the ozone kills all the bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in the entire sinus system.



I have also noticed that with the healthy diet that I am onÂ

and all the ozone that I put in my body daily that when I work out strenuously at the gym, my body is not sore the next day and if so just very mildly. I was told by Peter Jovanovic that my muscles will grow faster, bigger and healthier because of all the ozone.



Before I started the ozone therapy, Peter had me do a bodyÂ

cleanse. I did the Master Cleanse. It is a lemonade diet. It is excellent. The book that contains the instructions is called “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment” by Stanley Burroughs. I did the diet for 14 days and lost close to 20lbs. I was 200lbs. before. After the cleansing, I moved right into doing ozone therapy daily and also some rebounding on a trampoline. I feel like a new person and have kept the weight off that I lost by sticking to mostly a raw diet.



Please remember that what you put in your body is AS 

IMPORTANT as doing the ozone itself and Ozone Therapy will not work nearly as well if your diet does not compliment the therapy. 



Also please remember that your blood work will probablyÂ

go a little screwy when you seriously start doing ozone therapies. The reason for this is that ozone is doing the work for your immune system. It is knocking the crap out of the viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. This causes 


T-cells, and viral loads to not look so exciting in theÂ

beginning. It was scary for me because I had to change the way I think about the human body and the way it utilizes ozone. Your blood work will improve greatly down the line  after it has done the job of cleaning up all the sludge in your body. Take me for example. My t-cells went down to 84 (7/7/04) and I feel and look better then I have in years. Medical Ozone Therapy kicked butt on viral load from 290,000 copies to under 100,000 copies from 5/25/04 to7/7/04 from doing ozone therapy. I presently have more  blood work results pending.



I went to Bastyr last week for a naturopathic visit with DrÂ

Conroy. He did a check up on me and says I am a picture of health and he says I look healthier then I ever have since he’s know me, which I believe has been about 3 or 4 years, I have been going to Bastyr for over 8 years.



I just joined a local Rugby team and went to the firstÂ

practice last Saturday and kept up with the team in running and exercise. The practice was gruelling and the  following day I was only mildly sore. I don’t think I would have achieved the energy, stamina or motivation to go to a rugby field in the first place if it had not been for me getting much healthier in my body and my self esteem. Ozone Therapy works! It just has to be done correctly.



 Sincerely, Bruce K


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Geoffrey Rogers in  Vancouver Canada. Peter Jovanovic introduced me to him in August 2004. Geoffrey produced and directed a film called “Ozone and the Politics of Medicine”. It is a must see.  


“It is a powerful investigative documentary” 

“Ozone and the Politics of Medicine” tells the story of a simple medical treatment set against the politics and economics that control the health care system.

 Illegal in the U.S. and Canada, ozone therapy has been used to treat several million people in Europe for a variety  of medical conditions, from eczema and gangrene to cancer, strokes, hepatitis, herpes and AIDS.


This revealing and often disturbing film traces the process  of this highly controversial treatment and features interviews with representatives of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, The National Institute of Health as well as experts in Europe, Canada and Mexico.

 By the way if you ask, you can have a yet unreleased copy of his second documentary, just tell him you were sent by ozoneuniversity.com

 Now Released – Ozone Documentary





I had been having a problem with my prostate for a while until I linked up with Peter Jovanovic Professor Ozone”. I acquired an ozone generator, (it is worth mentioning that I had seen various models and even though the ones Peter uses are quite expensive it is the best I have encountered yet) and followed his instructions. The symptoms I had were hesistancy, forked stream and a poor stream. After doing rectal insufflation consistently for about a month I can happily report that I now have a strong unforked stream. Whether this is a permanent situation remains to be seen. Either way it’s a win/win situation. If it is permanent then no explanation required, if not one can always repeat the protocol. The point is obstruction of outflow is what one wants to avoid as is a medical emergency. The cell turnover of the prostate is very slow and so u buy yourself considerable time and will always be able to avoid an op on the prostate which can leave one impotent or incontinent, hence a win/win. Essentially I have one less problem in life and this is thanks to Pete. No amount of money paid is equal to the services rendered when u really think about it.





Ozone Therapy and Lyme Disease in Horses

The following is a true story about my beloved horse, Spring Thaw. “Spring” is a 21 year old Appaloosa / TB gelding, who was my first “event” horse.  Spring and I enjoyed several years of eventing at the lower levels from 1997 to 2004.  It was in the fall of 2004 that I noticed he seemed to fluctuate in and out of health and soundness, also he would have mood swings, after about a month of this erratic behavior I ran some blood tests and found that he had a high titer and antibody to Lyme Disease (August 2004).  At that time I had a conventional veterinarian who treated Spring with 100 Doxycycline pills per day for a total of 4 months, and God Bless this horse he ate these horrible tasting pills with each meal.  At the end of November 2004 we re-tested his blood and he still showed a high titer/antibody to the disease.  Physically Spring seemed to be doing better so based on the amount and length of time he was on the medications I chose to give his internal system a rest, I also admittedly did not understand at the time how this very tricky disease works and hides.  It wasn’t until February 2007 that the Lyme roared back with a vengeance.  This time I could clearly see that Spring’s body was being ravaged by the disease:  headaches, fever, lameness appearing everyday but in different areas, extreme irritability, and otherwise dull and motionless. This was clearly NOT my horse – whom I know to be curious, playful, very stoic, cunning and full of life!  He was asking for help…

We pulled another blood test in February 2007 and it came back screaming high titer /antibody for Lyme.   For the following 21 days Spring received IV Tetracycline (2xs per day) and then following that we followed up with Doxycycline at 100 pills per day for one month.  Retested his blood in June of 2007 and the titer had come down a little bit and the antibody reading remained at “high”, in addition to this during the IV dosing we pulled a kidney panel and it came back low normal, making it not possible to treat with the IV for the length of time that would be needed to flush his system. Over the summer months of 2007 I became quite frustrated watching him suffer in silence and knowing that to put him back on drugs would only jeopardize his kidney’s and not get rid of the lyme disease anyway.  I began to search for other healing modalities that could possibly save my baby, and this is when I called upon a renowned veterinarian known nationally and internationally for her incredible talent in alternative therapies such as as acupuncture, chiropractic and ozone therapy on horses.  Dr. Judith Shoemaker, DVM who operates out of Nottingham, PA came to our rescue.


It was through Dr. Shoemaker that I learned about the incredible healing powers of Ozone Therapy.  Spring was in her opinion classified as a “compromised, drug resistant, chronic Lyme disease horse” and recommended a treatment plan of ozone therapy. We started the first intravenous dosage of ozone in November 2007 and continued this at the rate of 3x’s per week for three months.  In March 2007 we pulled a blood test to check in and the titer went down 23 points, antibodies went from high to moderate.  So at this point I reduced treatments to be 2x’s per week and am still treating on that same schedule until we retest the blood in June 2007.  I realize that the blood tests will actually be somewhat confusing as the disease is exiting the body it will show up in the blood – so what I really am paying attention to in this case is the physical signs that I am seeing.


Since starting Ozone Therapy in November 2007, I have seen huge physical changes in this horse, they are listed below:

  • Soundness: I “jog” him for soundness checks each time I see him and in the past 4 months he has been solidly sound.  There were 2 times that he appeared to be un-even, not lame, but just not 100%
  • Energy:  Spring acts like he is 5 years old, he trots out to turn out in the morning and again on the way in for the evening, he runs around with the other horses (who really are 5 years old), and plays with them.
  • Attitude:  Spring is back to himself, curious, inquisitive, interested, never in a cranky mood, appetite is back, I can see him thinking again.  He looks happy.
  • Riding:  I gave up ever riding this horse again in 2004, we became great ground buddies, mostly due to the fact that he was lame more than sound.  One day in March I jumped on his back for a walk, since he has been so sound, and he took off with me – galloping all over the fields and bucking – when we finally stopped he seemed very pleased with himself.  Granted riding this horse now will be for fun and not competition…but that is my true gift in this healing.
  • Color of blood has moved from a murky very dark brown to a bright cherry red.
  • Eyes were watering (especially the right one) and now they are nice and bright an dry.


I am convinced without a doubt that Ozone Therapy has saved my horse from Lyme disease infestation which would have inevitably taken him from me.  I am very grateful to Dr. Shoemaker, Ozone, and God for lining all this up for us.  I know that if it worked for my horse it would work on people as well, and it is stories like this that will help to raise the healing collective consciousness of the world and be able to escape the confines of traditional medicine when it fails.  Please feel free to post this story.

Christianna Capra



Christianna E. Capra



Testimonial 1/10/03


I am not ashamed to tell my story, as it will help lot of youngsters from avoiding AIDS and unfortunately if contracted can safely get it cured by Ozone therapy. I was a good student in school but only I was very mischievous.  My stay at the best institution is engineering at Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu State in India ended abruptly in my final year due to my short temper which made me flee to Bombay and start working there as a vessel cleaner from which by hard work I was elevated to be the Manager. Money was flowing and for a man with plenty of money and nobody to live for it was a gay world, women, wine and dance.  It must be here that I have contracted the worst disease for my viral load was high.  My work at various places ended with me joining hands with a few friends and opening a money lenders business, which flourished and so also my bad habits.  It was during one of the collection routines that I was involved in a major road traffic accident and was admitted in a hospital.  During the regularblood checks they found out that I was suffering from AIDS.  The whole world came down crumbling upon me like a tone of bricks. The only person who could give me some solace was the Orthopaedic Surgeon who operated me for the fracture I sustained in the accident.  He was the one who introduced me to Ozone therapy and now for me Ozone therapy is next to God, for my blood reports show that my viral loads is minimal and immune status has almost reached the peak.  I am not ashamed to write this, because I know that there are lot of youngsters who have already become a prey to this disease are longing to get cured completely.

Sincerely, Balu Jones

Tamil Nadu India

Admitted 1/1/02

Initial Diagnosis AIDS, w/Kaposi Sarcoma lesions, pain on urination, Herpes, tired, depression Primary Therapies Recirculatory Ozone Hemoperfusion, Direct IV Ozone, Ozonated Saline Drip, Ozone Steam Sauna, Ozone Rectal Insufflation, Nutritional supplements.

Lab Testing

PCR Test     1/1/02     750,000 viral particles         200 T cells   X CD3 X CD4   X CD8

PCR Test     8/1/02          1,000  Viral Particles     1500 T cells   Y CD3 Y CD4  Y CD8

PCR Test     1/5/03       Undetectable

Primary Treatment Physician Dr. Rajesh Kumar, MD

Discharged 1/1/03

No virus detected, no lesions, no pain, no herpes, energetic, happy



Testimonial 1/10/03

I am Amos Oundo and now I am 14 years old and I would like to tell you my story of my fight with sickle cell.

I was born in Nairobi district.  Till my 7th year I was a normal child with good appetite for food and football.  The middle of my 7th year I started feeling tired too soon and was falling sick often.  After much medicines and blood test I was diagnosed to be suffering from Sickle cell.  My dad was working as Medical Technician with hospital equipments like ventilators and defibrillators.  The amount of money needed for the medicines and hospitalization was huge and my dad was finding it very difficult to manage the household expenses and my medical bills.  So my dad had to work as head waiter in a restaurant at nights to augment the family’s income.  I was only 7 then and the family’s financial burdens were not known to me and I was not able to understand why my parents were always sad and there was no laughter in the family.  I was put on drugs which were costly and lady luck smiled on the family one day that my dad as a waiter had to serve a esteemed client of the restaurant and the client found my father grumpy and sad.  When the client wanted to know the reason for my dad’s sadness, my dad poured his heart out to the stranger who happened to be one of the pioneers of Ozone Therapy, about the suffering the family going through because of my illness.  The next day I was transferred to the hospital which was owned by the stranger who met my dad in the restaurant and I was put on Ozone therapy for one month with strict diet and distilled water to drink.  Later what happened is history.   My sickle cells slowly disappeared, the normal cells started appearing. I was regularly tested from then for any sickle cell reappearing and always it was negative.  Now I am 14 years old and stand before you hale and healthy wishing all children suffering from sickle cell speedy recovery through Ozone therapy.



ADMITTED – 01/04/1998

Initial Diagnosis – sickle cell anemia

PRIMARY DIAGNOSIS – 08.04.1996  Dr. Mongera m.d. sickle cell positive


serum  bilirubin  total 5.01 mg – dil busia

serum bilirubin  direct 0.98 mg – dil kenya

serum bilirubin indirect 4.03 mg – dil

01.04.1998  dr. John

SICKLE CELL POSITIVE ozono  therapy kenya





Testimonial 1/10/03

I hail from a poor family of Kothagiri in Tamil Nadu State in India. The place where I live is hilly, always chill, the air is pure with scents of wild flowers wafting through my nostrils and I was living in paradise with lots of sweet dreams which is usually common for a girl of my age (14 years) that I should be the best dancer.  One day I started to gasp while going to school.  As the path leading to school had lots of ups and downs I felt may be the breathlessness is due to that and early morning chill air.  As days went along even small tasks became laborious and I was taken to a doctor nearby who at first thought it may be due to my anaemia, later corrected his diagnosis to sickle cell disease after seeing my blood reports.  The name sickle cell disease didn’t mean anything to me or my parents even though the doctor was kind enough to explain to us about the disease.  I did not take expert advice till one day I had severe pain in my left hip joint which was later diagnosed by our family Orthopaedic surgeon as loss of blood supply to my head of femur bone (a vascular necrosis).  My dreams shattered because I can’t dance anymore, my ambition of becoming the best dancer has vanished in thin air. God is usually kind and hears the prayers of people suffering.  The answer to my prayer came in the form of our Orthopaedic surgeon who admitted me near my home.  When I was admitted in I found out to my surprise that they don’t give any medication but only Ozone therapy.  What happen later is indeed a sweet dream that I was able to walk now as my femur head has healed my blood picture has returned to normal.  Now I know I will be the best dancer one day!



Admitted 08/19/2002

Initial Diagnosis :  sickle cell anAemia.

Primary THERAPIES: hematinics, foliates, OZONE therapy, ozoznated saline, ozone haemoperfusion.

Lab Testing



Primary Treatment Physician Dr. T.S. CHANDRASEKAR M.D.D.M.










10.19.2002                                  SICKLE






Discharged On 12.31.2002





I am Malathy, and I would like to tell the story of my second female child Baby.Logeshwari with severe seizure. I married my maternal uncle Mr.Jayachandran eleven years ago and I delivered my first female child after a year of marriage. It was a normal delivery but the baby was premature with under weight. Baby cried immediately after birth. After 5 – 6 days of birth the infant started vomiting blood and blood was transfused. The infant was diagnosed to have hydrocephalus. Doctor’s advised surgery. She had seizure once and was put under anti convulsives for three years. Now she is 10 years old studying fifth Std and she is an above average student. The second delivery was after three years and we christened the child Logeshwari. She too was a premature child delivered at the eighth month of pregnancy and it was a normal delivery. Baby cried soon after birth, she was very normal till tenth month. Once she developed high fever associated with skin allergy due to mosquito bite. Due to high fever her psychomotor activity was disturbed. We consulted neurologist and he suggested speech therapy. At the age of two and a half years she developed seizures, wheezing and persistent cold. Quite often she used to faint and whenever the frequency of faint increases, high dosages of medicines was prescribed. My husband was finding it difficult to support both our family and the high cost of treatment of our child as he was only a waste paper merchant. Financial burden made us so depressed. It was at this circumstance we came to know about the new medical technology in India – Ozone therapy. After enquiry and consultation with the Medical Director we admitted her on August 6th, 2002. On the second day of the treatment seizure stopped and she showed improvements like speaking few words and to walk independently without any support. She is very cooperative to the treatment and strictly followed the therapeutic diet given to her. She is now hale and healthy. I wish parents with Severe Seizure complaint child to take Ozone therapy without any medication and side effects for a speedy recovery and happy living.


Mrs.Malathy,Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu, India

ADMITTED ON 08/06/2002


Mental retardation: With seizure disorder.

06/10/2001 Lab Tests:


60.2 mgm; T3T4TSH: 73 mgm/ 5.5 mgm/3.4 mm. EEG:

Activation of multifocal and generalized atypical spike and wave

breast. CSF: Porte:

14, sug: 64, TC 2 cells. Hb %11.4 gm TC 4200 DC P 60, L36 E4 ESR


Na/K/Cx: 138/4.4/0.30


Total 0.3 D 0.1. Alkp/Sgot/Sgpt/Cpk.124/25/33/51


Merchromatic granules –ve


Cerebellar atrophy. No supratentorial lesion.


Ozone treatment started on


Baby sleeping without medications without seizures and fits of anger she used to get are gone.


Baby’s, sleep attention, walk, gait and feeding habits improved.

Started taking in monosyllabic.


Toileting habits improved. Likes to play with other children.

Occasional vacant stareing +.


Baby stopped falling down while walking. Active, playful. Calls her

father by his name.


Baby had cough, nasal discharge, fever low grade and had an attack of focal fits last for few seconds.

Patient is till date continuing treatment.





Mrs. Xx 59 year’s old married female was reported to the facility for medical consultation on Dec 30, 2002.  She was diagnosed as endometrial adenocarcinoma.  A year back the patient was operated for II degree uterine prolapse and biopsy showed papillar serous adenocarcinoma of endometrium. On medical consultation patient was complaining of stomach pain, vomiting, lack of appetite, swelling of left leg and difficulty in passing stools, for the past one month.  Her USG of abdomen showed solid masses in pelvis, omentum and retro peritoneum. She was admitted on the same day and treated with ozonised saline, ADDS, sauna bath, rectal insufflation and nutritional supplements.4 cycles of chemo therapy was given on Jan 6, Jan 28, Feb 22 and Mar 12, 2003. Along with Inj.Adriamycin 35 mg, Inj.Cyclophosphamide 500mg and Inj.Cisplatin 25mg. Patient was treated from Dec 30, 2002 to Mar 13, 2003 as an out – patient and in -patient. Thefollowing table shows the USG abdomen report:



S.No Findings 02/01/03 24/01/03 18/02/03 12/03/03 05/05/03
1. Pelvic mass 59 x 54 mm 44 x 39 mm 13 x 12 mm 14 x 12 mm No mass in pelvis
2. Omentum and Retro peritoneum 54 x 50 mm 44 x 26 mm 18 x 14 mm No enlarged retro peritoneal nil
3. Lymph nodes (preaortic/pelvic) 30 x 17 mm 22 x 18 mm No evidence No enlarged pelvic nodes No enlarged nodes







Name                            :  Mr. P. Shanmugarajan


Age                                :  29 Years


Sex                                :  Male


Diagnosis                       :  HIV Positive


Date of Admission         :  30-12-2002


The patient gives history of multiple exposures, last in 1998. He underwent blood investigations on his own interest and blood report showed HIV-I positive. He had taken siddha treatment.

Admitted on 21/12/2002.

Primary Therapies:

Ozonized Saline, direct IV Ozone, ozone stream sauna, ozone rectal insufflation, nutritional supplements.



S.NO Particulars 7/1/03 18/2/03 19/3/03
1. HIV Viral load 28975 3405 1590
2. CD4 (Absolute count) 518 925 1013
3. CD8 1002 2374 1188
4. CD4 : CD8 0.52 0.39 0.51






Testimonial of Steven Vaughan

My name is Steven Paul Vaughan.  My birth date is January 22, 1960.  I am a 39-year-old male of Welsh decent (6th generation Canadian).  I am separated and am the father of 3 girls (living in the United States of America).

In 1985 I was diagnosed with insulin dependant diabetes.  I immediately began a weight loss program and began pork insulin injections.  I lost approximately 100 lbs and came down to 180 lbs.  I was managing the disease fairly well till around 1991 when I began having regular visits to the hospital with D.K.A. (Diabetic Keta Acidosis).  These episodes were at first limited to one approximately every 7 to 8 months.  As the frequency of such dilemmas increased in time I was unable to function in my normal capacity.


By 1993 my wife had left with the children, my businesses had failed and we had lost our home of eight years.  Eventually depression, illness and a lack of medical insurance forced me to leave California and return to my homeland, Toronto, Canada. Living on Social Assistance and frequenting hospitals became my “life” for the years 1994 to 1999.  During these five years I journeyed from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, searching for knowledge and hope. In April of 1999 I was attending a “whole life health show,” where I first heard of the Ozone  therapy.  The testimonials of HIV negative patients were impressive but didn’t affect my situation or concern my disease.  I lost my vision entirely in my right eye in July of 1999. The doctors continued to push ‘altace inhibitors’ on me for my blood pressure and kidney maintenance.  Eventually I had to give in as blood pressure went up to 215/150.  I was willing to start a prescription of 2 Vasotek and 1 Adalat per day.  Insulin requirements forced me on to 4 injections per day but still offered no sustaining control.  The 4-year-old ulcers on my big toes also were still in bandages. In September of 1999 I was offered Oxygen therapy by Peter Jovanovic “Professor Ozone” and was on a plane two weeks later through gifts from several local churches and friends in Scarborough, Ontario.


Through adherence to the good doctor’s protocol I have cut my insulin in half, eliminated the need for blood pressure pills, and generally feel detoxified and much better.  I’m told my eyes are possibly going to fully recover and I have eliminated 82% of the C.M.V., the virus which caused my diabetes in the first place.  My father has also joined me here to get off of his dialysis and medications.  His story is also fabulous as are the many others I have heard and personally witnessed in my 2+ months stay. To any and all who experience or contribute to making this miracle stay alive-may God Bless You.



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