Terms and Conditions

*All payments are in advance


*All payments for therapy must be made by wire transfer to our corporate account


*A deposit eaqual to one month or therapy is required at least three weeks prior to arrival


*All payments and deposits are not refundable under any circumstance


*Patients are required to adhere to all protocols and instructions while in therapy


*Patients are required to be courteous to staff and all members of our team


*Patients must send by email a copy of their latest lab tests, if none are available, please notify


*Room and board is not provided, we can only make suggestions as to facilities for that purpose


*Transportation is not provided to and from our facility


*Patients are required to show up on time for all appointments in the clinic or with any of our partners


*Due to the sensitive nature of our therapy, once a treatment has started it cannot be delayed for any reason


*Should there be a reason that a patient cannot take or continue therapy, we require written notice well before the time of appointment


*Patients are required to sign a general waiver and submit a copy of their passport detail before commencing any treatment


*All treatments, protocols, tests, etc., are at the sole discretion of the Medical Director of the facility


Please note that these terms are to ensure that we are able to provide patients with the safest and most efficient therapy devised by our team of therapists and you are advised to read and understand these terms prior to visiting our facility. We work hard to ensure that every one of our patients are treated as quickly and safely as possible. Should there be any issues regarding any of our terms of service please feel free to contact me personally, at any time prior to your visit to our clinic. You are advised to do your research whenever choosing a therapy to regain your health, please ask any questions that you may have of us regarding your stay so that we can ensure that your stay with us is as comfortable as it can be. Once you have committed to therapy these terms of service outlined above are binding with no exceptions. No guarantees are stated or implied as to the efficacy of any Medical or Alternative treatment at our facility.


Peter Jovanovic, Ph.D. [Hon] Professor Ozone

Phone – +1-604-501-6051 or +1-305-749-7410 Malaysia # +6016-3989386