RHP Ozone Therapy

In a very brief overview, the scientific basis of Recirculatory Haemoperfusion ™ (RHP) and its inter-related technologies, can be described as the process where pure molecular oxygen (O2 as the prime carrier, through unique processes O3 ~ Ozone) is circulated in the bloodstream of a patient through highly specialized and sophisticated molecular oxygen technology’s which includes RHP™ (a dialysis type method whereby the patient’s blood is treated in an extra corporeal loop before re-infusion to the patient over repeated ‘cycles’ in the same treatment session.

This device synthesises the combining ratios of stabilised concentrations of O2, O3 & other oxygen molecules, which is achieved by passing pure medical grade oxygen (pure O2), through an Corona Discharge, which at specific frequencies and Hertz settings, creates the stabilised forms of recombinant oxygen atoms and then injects the ‘Enhanced Oxygen’ into the bloodstream in a precisely (computer chip control) measured dosage and flow rate time to body weight and other medical therapy treatment parameters, for circulation through the patient’s own blood throughout all the patients veins, arteries and capillaries, (an adult has over 96,000 kilometres of blood vessels, which the heart circulates completely {whole blood volume} every sixty seconds).

RHP™ uses a highly negatively charged molecule that naturally attaches to the patient’s haemoglobin, (red blood cells), which in turn transports the ‘Enhanced Oxygen’ throughout the bloodstream, and being highly attracted to positively charged diseased cells, the hemoglobin and ‘Enhanced Oxygen’ molecules react immediately upon encountering these diseased cellular structures. ‘Enhanced Oxygen’ molecules zone into these infected areas, whereupon, on contact with diseased cells, ‘Enhanced Oxygen’ reacts by ionization, oxidation, and by restructuring the cell’s protein structures, thereby eradicating any diseased cells, and exposing viral infected cells which may mimic any healthy cell’s protein coating, and killing bacterial, fungal, protozoan, parasitic and/or other micro-organisms in the bloodstream, which the oxygen molecules encounter.

‘Enhanced Oxygen’, through these delivery devices, reaches all body organs and perfuses into all body tissue, including the bones and crosses the blood/brain barrier very effectively. Many mechanisms are involved which include low level oxidation, ionisation, denaturing of cell protein structures and phili-electric interchange to healthy cells. ‘Enhanced Oxygen’ has the ability to systemically saturate the host, cellularly purifying the patient and stimulating our own cellular regeneration mechanisms.

In some cases, such as tumors and Cancers, or highly topically infected areas, concentrated ‘Enhanced Oxygen’ may be directly applied by injection into the affected area, tumor or body. In fact, RHP™ is such an effective treatment system, that it must be professionally administered and managed, so as not to induce any unnecessary side effect on the patient. The process is so effective that specific treatment applications guidelines have to be followed thus allowing the eradication of the diseased cells to be processed at a rate compatible to the patients elimination systems and at the same time allow the patients regenerative systems to replace and compensate for lost cells, (especially the cells of the major life support body organs), whilst boosting the patient’s own immune system to suppress any re-infection.

The therapy is followed by extensive blood sampling and laboratory work, pre and post therapy, which accurately depicts the changing status of the patient’s medical condition between therapy sessions, and allows professional medical personnel to monitor and adjust the therapy procedure as necessary, to meet the patients specific needs. Therapy treatment sessions themselves are typically 45 minutes or less, up to 120 minutes, and this incredible therapy allows the patient to arrive, take treatment, and immediately carry on their normal lives after treatment, on daily basis. As a total cell and body purification system, this therapy is incredibly practical, and will benefit almost any patient, irrespective of the seriousness of their infection or medical condition as a complete detoxification system.

RHP®/EBOO, is a significantly improved, advanced and perfected form of conventional Ozone treatments, which have been used in Medicine since before the 1920’s, and which was originally pioneered by many famous German scientists (Otto Warburg is the only man ever to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine twice, for demonstrating that Cancer is an anaerobic growth, i.e. it does not need oxygen to survive and grow). RHP™, the nemesis to all anaerobic forms of infection, is a massively improved form of conventional Ozone Therapy as used in Medicine, since every time a larger molecular oxygen structure can be formed and successfully stabilized, the medical benefits which the patient experiences, exponentially increases. RHP™ ‘Oxygen Therapy’, acts essentially as a full blood and body/cell purification system, for its deployment and application, in eradicating chronic and severe medical diseases and conditions, including HIV/AIDS and various Cancers, among a host of other applications in Medicine.

This therapy and its inter-related technologies have been extensively investigated, innovated, perfected & researched by Ozone Research Group Inc., who have developed and established scientifically over the past 18 years ‘RHP®/EBOO Ozone Therapy’ to ensure that the maximum benefit is derived from the ‘Enhanced Oxygen’ molecules, and to eliminate any deleterious effects, as experienced by the patient. This therapy is a fully operational medical system, which is thoroughly viable, efficacious and effective alternative medical therapy option.

This Therapy is a very affordable and far cheaper in comparison to current conventional pharmaceutical and surgical medical options available today.Several Research Protocols have already been initiated internationally to establish the efficacy and effectiveness of this therapy, which opens up an entirely new field of Medical Science. We are set to revolutionise both curative and palliative medical therapy in an unprecedented manner, without the drawbacks, side-effects or complications associated with conventional chemical/pharmaceutical medical therapy options and the trauma/risk of surgical intervention, complications, rejection or subsequent infection/contamination.

This therapy does not pretend to be the ultimate panacea to all infection and medical conditions which Mankind suffers from thereby making all other forms of Medicine to date obsolete, however, it is a dramatic advance and a highly viable alternative medical therapy and Health Care option, which can work side by side all other forms of conventional Medicine. In some dramatic cases this therapy has already achieved in its own right what no other form of Medicine has yet been able to achieve with respect to HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Ebola, Cardiovascular disease, CMV, EB, Hepatitis ‘A through to F’, Parkinson’s’ & Alzheimer’s disease and a host of other conditions.

For millions upon millions of us with medical conditions which conventional medicine cannot cope with, RHP Ozone Therapy and its inter-related technologies’ is a highly competitive, supplementary and complimentary alternative therapy option to our health, well-being and resolution of our medical conditions, as contained and managed by present conventional medicine, which ‘RHP®/EBOO Ozone Therapy’ can dramatically assist and reverse. This therapy remains possibly our greatest opportunity in Medical Science today.

Professor Peter Jovanovic M.D.(A.M.)