Ozone Therapy Medical Science

Perhaps when the term ozone is mentioned, only one thing comes into your mind the atmosphere. This is what almost all laymen know about ozone that layer of the atmosphere which protects us from the sun’s dangerous rays. To chemists, perhaps they would delve a little deeper; they might relate it to a rare laboratory reagent for oxidizing those double bonds on many chemical species. Ozone or O3 is an active gas but surprisingly, it is being used in medicine today as ozone therapy!


Tracing Back Ozone

The most common application of ozone in science was for wastewater treatment. It is used to treat wastewaters which are heavily polluted by organic wastes. The high oxidizing capacity of ozone which is attributed to its high reduction potential allows the coagulation and flocculation of these organic contaminants allowing them to separate from water. Once separated, the organic matter can be filtered out of the water. But man’s inquisitive mind did not stop there for he had found another use for this nature’s wonderful gift. He used it for himself! We can trace back the use of ozone in medicine from 1915. It was H. Wolf who used it during World War I as an antiseptic.The viability of ozone as an antiseptic can be easily understood. Ozone is very reactive to many types of chemicals (particularly to the double bonds: as C=C, N=N, C=N, etc.) and ions like the sulfide ion S2-. These types of bonds are abounding on the bacteria’s cellular membrane, thus when exposed to ozone, the bacteria dies.Since then, there were many individuals who used ozone as a medicinal agent. The use, however, was confined to external applications. Treatments using ozone from the early 1900s would include treating infectious diseases, badly healing wounds, gangrene, skin mycosis, decubitus, etc.

Man’s Need for a More Superior Medicinal Agent

As our civilization progresses, we are becoming more aware of the diverse diseases that are plaguing us. So far, there are numerous diseases that are hard to treat or worse, non-treatable. Take Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome as an example. There is not yet a known remedy for this viral disease. Another is cancer which kills millions yearly.  Now, what if I tell you that there is hope smiling brightly before us. There is a big chance that ozone can be used to remedy these types of diseases. Yes, there are medical researchers that are claiming that by introducing ozone into the bloodstream we might be able to eliminate tumors, cancers, and even AIDS in the future. They call this method Ozone Therapy.  Because ozone is reactive enough to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses, once it is injected into the bloodstream it will kill any of these pathogens when it comes in contact with them.


There is a need for a more superior medicinal agent in our present time due to the occurrences of non-treatable and almost non-treatable diseases like cancers and AIDS. Fortunately, experts are seeing a great potential for Ozone Therapy to address these issues. Ozone therapy is a new science and it is worth giving it a chance to prove what it can do to aid those who are suffering from certain medical conditions or problems.