Ozone Therapy For Heart Disease

Ozone therapy is the fastest known method of treatment for patients with heart disease like cardiovascular complexities and fatigue. It takes less expense and time in comparison to the invasive procedures such as heart by-pass surgery or angioplasty.Ozone therapy has amazing record of successful uses in heart disease treatments.

Use of Ozone in cardiovascular diseases (especially angina) and chronic fatigue/pain has shown significant results in relief and operational success. This simple naturopathic medical procedure improves oxygen circulation and utilization of the heart tissues.

Medical Ozone can decrease the thickness and viscosity of blood that would make it easier for circulation and also stimulate dilation as well as relaxation of the artery walls. This can help recovery of the inner arterial space from fats that create blocks in the arteries (atheromatous plaques). The Procedure This naturopathic procedure equals at the very least to an IV treatment. A standard amount of blood (about 250ml) is taken from the body to sterile container and Medical Ozone is then added with the blood to prepare the heart for recovery.

After a short period of time, the ozone mixed blood is pushed back to vein with a safe IV injection. Time Normally, it takes between 30-45 minutes for the whole procedure to be completed. Pain A small needle stick is used for transfusion, so, there is a minor sensation of pain. How does ozone therapy work in heart disease therapy?

This therapy works as a strong stimulator for proper circulation (oxygen delivery to cells) and proper energy generation (oxygen utilization by cells). The human body cells, including the heart and muscles generate their own energy for use. Oxygen plays the key role in this process. If the amount of appropriate energy is generated by the cells, pain and fatigue will not occur or at least less than before.

Ozone helps with both in oxygen supply and oxygen use by the cells after the ozone-blood mixture has been delivered to veins. The Patient Experience The heart disease patients, who have received the therapy, expressed positive recommendations. A short medical survey based upon the patients’ opinions shows positive testimony. The treatment requires less amount of time, so it saves both time and expense. Physical movements and activities become easier, so they can walk, exercise and do regular activities without any kind of tension or pain.  They can think much clearly and life becomes more normal thus increasing quality of life.

Time period for receiving treatment A usual and normal course of ozone therapy takes 6-10 treatments, given a patient two times a week. Most patients start feeling better after the 2nd or 3rd treatment. This therapy does not require to be repeated because all nutritional and toxic factors are removed and replaced as well. Sometimes a single touch up treatment is requested every 4-8 weeks in special cases, if the condition is very chronic.

Ozone therapy does not require any recovery time and in fact most patients feel better and younger than before they come to the therapy center after treatment. They are able to drive themselves home after treatment.

As far as Safety, a medical study in Germany proved ozone to be the safest among all the medical therapies. There is a little possibility of allergy to heparin, though this is a commonly used blood thinner in all related medical treatments. Some patients do not like to see their own blood to be taken and processed, but they quickly become accustomed to this.Perfusion Defect in Heart Disease – Click Here