Ozone Therapy And The Heart

“Ozone Therapy” is the organ that we need to clean the blood before it returns to the heart.

Before and After my Heart Attack

Before my heart attack

(1)   I felt pain at the heart area occasionally and especially when I woke up in the morning.

(2)   Occasionally I felt pain on the shoulder and neck. Had been under acupuncture treatment and Chinese medical treatment for nearly nine months without any improvement.

(3)   My blood pressure was high and once it went up to 170/100 and after taking NORVARSC it dropped to maintain at 120/80 but at times it went up to 145/90.

(4)   My fingers looked and felt swollen. Severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

(5)    After urination, without warning I often leak urine to wet a small area of my underwear and pants.

(6)   Strength weakened and shortness of breath.

Just after my Heart Attack while waiting operation to be performed by Cardiologist

(1)   Pain in the neck & chest.

(2)   Difficulty in breathing. Sweat heavily.

(3)   Unable to walk because it causes pain on the chest and breathing difficulty.

(4)   Heart pain resulted even by walking one step.

(5)   Difficulty in falling asleep. Felt the fear of death.

After taking medicines prescribed by Cardiologist

(1)   Pain still exist in the neck and chest.

(2)   Still having difficulty in breathing.

(3)   Unable to walk because it causes pain on the chest and breathing difficulty.

(4)   Heart pain resulted in stress exercise.

(5)   Severe headache and cannot sleep. Felt closer to God.

Cardiologist recommended to perform angiogram and insert stents. After browsing in the Internet I realized the insertion of stents will only stop the symptom of the heart attack and there is a danger of facing death during the operation. Furthermore during the operation my blood will not be cleansed. This made me decided to choose the Ozone Therapy.

After the first RHP®/EBOO Treatment

(1)   Neck pain, chest pain and headache all disappeared.

(2)   Able to walk slowly for a short distance without pain.

(3)   Felt awake the whole day and had a good and uninterrupted sleep.

During subsequent Ozone Therapy

(1)   Neck pain and Chest pain becoming less and less.

(2)   Blood pressure dropped to 110/60 even without taking NORVARC.

(3)   Get educated on Diet and Food Supplement.

(4)   Life Style changes.

(5)   Blood tests showing improvement.

(6)   Gaining strength and stamina.

(7)   Urine leakage stopped.

(8)   Able to walk further and further without pain and shortness of breath.

One and a half month after Ozone Therapy


(1)     No more chest pain and neck pain.

(2)     Heart pain disappeared.

(3)     Blood pressure maintained at 110/60 without taking NORVARC.

(4)     Normal ECG & Normal Echo. Exceeded second stage of the Cardiac Stress Test.

(5)     Fingers no longer swollen and have becoming soft. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome reduced.

(6)     Strength and stamina have increased beyond the days before my heart attack.

(7)     Able to walk and run continuously nonstop for 4 km. once in the morning and once in the evening without chest pain and shortness of breath.

(8)     Skin complexion becoming better, looks younger and full of energy.

(9)     Weight lost by 6 kg.

(10) Memory improved.

(11) Achieved the second chance for a longer life.

After six months continuous Ozone Therapy

(1)   My Blood Pressure maintains at normal levels, at around 110/70 without taking any blood pressure controlling pills.

(2)   My lipid profile was being tested several times and all within normal readings.

(3)   My Coronary Risk Studies done seven month after my heart attack by PATHLAB Malaysia indicates

Total Cholesterol             4.4              MMOL/L              <5.2

HDL Cholesterol              1.26            MMOL/L              >1.04

LDL Cholesterol              2.5              MMOL/L              <2.6

Triglycerides                    1.4              MMOL/L              <1.7

Total HDL Ratio               3.5                                           <5.0

Hs-C Reative Protein      1.8              MG/L                             <4.7

LP (a)                                28               MG/DL                 <30

Homocysteine                 9.2              UMOL/L              5.0 – 20.0

CPK (Total)                      143             U/L                       39 – 308

A scanned copy of the above report is shown below and this result was achieved without taking any drugs or medicine but just doing the Ozone Therapy, taking vitamins/supplements and a life style change.

(4)   I lost a total of 10 Kg and I believe it is mainly due to the Ozone Therapy because I had been trying to reduce weight but failed. I almost lost all my belly fat, waist measurement reduces from 38.5 inches to current 35 inches.

(5)   Friends who had not seen me for quite some times said I look younger at least by 15 years.

(6)   I still maintained my 4 km walk and run exercise without any chest pain or short of breath therefore I had increased my social activities.

(7)   I had also lost all the symptoms of heart failure, i.e. chest pain, heart pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, shortness of breath, high blood pressure and swollen fingers (due to inflammation). I no longer wet my underwear and pants, reduced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and have an improved memory.

(8)   A late Echocardiogram Test has indicated that my Left Ventricle Mass Weight had reduced to 259 gm as compared to 359 gm taken few months ago. We should have a big heart but certainly not achieving it physically due to an inflammatory process or a heart failure.

(9)   My wound recovered very quickly after a cut injury and I had never felt sick after my Ozone Therapy not even a slight flu.

I will continue on my Ozone Therapy for the rest of my life because lately I realized that all arteries deliver blood to all parts of our body and part of it is filtered in our liver and our kidneys but veins deliver blood to the heart without going through any organs. If the blood is not cleansed before returning to the heart you can imagine how dirty it is and what might be the consequence. I was lucky that I had a heart attack, if not I would have died of a stroke instead. You should know that the tiny arteries in the brain are much smaller than those covering the heart therefore I strongly believe that “Ozone Therapy” is the organ that we need to clean the blood before it returns to the heart. I need not elaborate because clean blood will definitely improve our health, reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke.