Ozone Therapy

Perhaps when the term ozone is mentioned, only one thing comes into your mind is the atmosphere. This is what almost all laymen know about ozone is that layer of the atmosphere which protects us from the sun’s dangerous rays. To chemists, perhaps they would delve a little deeper; they might relate it to a rare laboratory reagent for oxidizing those double bonds on many chemical species. Ozone or O3 is an active gas but surprisingly, it is being used in medicine today as ozone therapy! – Read More

Medical Ozone

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  • Medical Ozone Therapy

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    Only eleven days here at the Ozone Hospital, and I continue to find myself stunned at how a true physician works. Really, the experience of authentic medicine is astonishing. After spending so much time, energy and expense on healing over the last five years in both the American traditional and alternative medical systems, to feel completely, without doubt, that you are in the right hands, compassionate hands that are capable, wise, prudent, intelligent and divinely intuitive is the most welcome gift of one can imagine. Eternally, I am grateful to have found a sanctuary of true healing, a Mecca of authentic medicine. – AK – 2010 

  • Medical Ozone Therapy

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    ” I can also vouch for my son, who is 10 yrs. old and multiply handicapped, who came here with me a “failure to thrive” child who has gained 12 lbs. under the doctors’ care. He will be free from a brain virus in several weeks that was progressing and would eventually take his life. His viral count was over 3 million and is now 164 and counting down. And this was accomplished without ozone therapy! I had numerous diagnosis of a sensitive nature that have been completly eradicated with herbs plus RHP/EBOO. All in less than 5 months! So, fear not. These things are not so mysterious. These doctors are truly amazing and compassionate. The only requirements are obedience (you must take all the supplements and herbs directed) and patience (time). Blessings and improved health to each and every one of you.” LK – 2010

  • Medical Ozone Therapy

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    “Just wanted to send a quick note of thank you for your efforts and to give you my appreciation for all the work that you had but towards my case. I thought that I was just coming to have one issue taken care of but with all the intense testing that you did, I was surprized to learn that I had more issues than I knew. Thankfully you have managed to resolve them all for me, something that I would have never thought possible. Your attention to my health as an individual was truly special. I now feel free to plan a future without disese, no words can ever express my gratitude.” – TJ – 2012 “…

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Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

A brief history of man will reveal that much of the bloodshed and wars did take a toll on our population. The many enmities between and among races and creeds brought nations and kingdoms to either great heights or great doom. Countless encounters are chronicled which highlight man’s demise and near extinction.   Read More.

RHP Medical Ozone


RHP Ozone Therapy process and shows the difference between blood that comes out of the body and blood that is ozonated, filtered and returned through the body – Read More

Medical Ozone E-Book

Today’s awareness of medical ozone is decidedly on an upward trajectory, finally loosening the chains of ozone’s rigid association with toxicity. New openness sees Medical ozone in a greater and greener perspective, as one of nature’s most fascinating and beneficial molecules. Start reading about Medical Ozone Therapy,

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Ozone Therapy Safety

Ozone therapy is a popular type of medical treatment in the modern world. In medical science, medical ozone has been used to treat infections, wounds, multiple diseases, and to disinfect drinking water. It is effective as an anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent and for that ozone is unsurpassed, mainly because there are no appreciable side effects.

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Ozone Therapy Diabetes

Ozone therapy has been used for the treatment of many dangerous diseases. The conventional treatment system has been not so much of a benefit in the case of these diseases.

  • 1. Improves the blood circulation.
  • 2. Stimulate the antioxidant defense systems.
  • 3. Activate immune cells.
  • 4. Modulate immune system.
  • 5. Activate red blood cells.
  • 6. Disinfect and clean wounds.

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Certified RHP/EBOO Medical Ozone Units

Our Foster Home

We have been working hard on the building of our foster home in the last few months .Read More